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Be Me Books were created to celebrate the characteristics that make us unique!
Instead of hiding our differences and trying to blend in, we need to embrace the characteristics that make unique and be proud of them.
Love them, cherish them...and celebrate them!

I like to call Be Me Books, "books with purpose" as they truly serve a purpose. The first book, The Pretty in Me was written for two reasons. The first reason was that I wanted to let other girls in the same situation know they're not alone. The second reason was very simple. I wanted to be able to give someone a hug at the end of a really bad day. While it's impossible for me to be there physically, I knew the book could be there in my place.

Shaken by the Silence was then written for a local epilepsy foundation called, JoshProvides. It's the true story of a boy that struggles with epilepsy and friendships when his peers abandon him after he has a seizure on the soccer field.

Be Me Books teach children how to treat other children. Be Me Books teach children to be proud of the person they are, no matter what their differences may be. At the end of the day, we are ALL created's about time we embrace it!
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